WRF for Hurricanes

2018 Hurricane HWRF Tutorial

Dates: January 23-25, 2018
Location: College Park, MD

A Hurricane WRF Tutorial is being planned for 23-25 January 2018 and will be held at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park, MD. This will be a three-day event organized by the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) and by the NOAA Environmental Modeling Center (EMC). The Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast system (HWRF) is a coupled atmosphere-ocean model suitable for tropical cyclone (TC) research and forecasting in all Northern and Southern hemisphere ocean basins.

Tutorial participants can expect to hear lectures on all aspects of the HWRF model, including model physics and dynamics, nesting, initialization, coupling with the ocean, postprocessing, and vortex tracking. Additionally, enrichment lectures on HWRF's multistorm capability, TC verification, the HWRF Ensemble system, and NCEP's future plan on TC numerical weather prediction will be presented. Practical sessions will give tutorial participants hands-on experience in running HWRF.

As we get closer to the tutorial, a registration link will be posted to the DTC website at www.dtcenter.org.

2018 HWRF tutorial co-chairs:
Evan Kalina (DTC NOAA), evan.kalina@noaa.gov
Kathryn Newman (DTC NCAR), knewman@ucar.edu
Zhan Zhang (EMC NOAA), zhan.zhang@noaa.gov
Bin Liu (EMC NOAA), bin.liu@noaa.gov

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