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Community Code

Community code is a free and shared resource with distributed development and centralized support.   Ongoing development of community codes is maintained under version control.  Periodic releases, which include the latest in developments of new capabilities and techniques, are made available to the user community.   The following community codes are available to the community:

Current (fully supported):
Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) – includes NWP model + pre- and post-processors (in collaboration with NCAR/MMM and NCEP/EMC)

Unified Post Processor (UPP) – Post-processor package for WRF and NEMS/NMMB

Model Evaluation Tools (MET) – Verification package

Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation (GSI) Data Assimilation

WRF for hurricanes (coupled atmosphere, ocean and wave system)

Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) Data Assimilation

Friendly User Release:
NOAA Environmental Modeling System (NEMS) – includes NWP model + pre- and post-processors (in collaboration with NCEP/EMC)

Ensuring software integrity and pursuing system evolution

It is important to ensure the integrity of the software components prior to each official release of the code to the user community.  The DTC performs a broad range of pre-release testing for community codes in order to make certain previously available capabilities are still viable options in the latest version of the code.  Bugs that are discovered, either during internal DTC testing or through user inquiries, are investigated and resolutions proposed and checked into the code repository to guarantee the fix is available in the next release of the code. 

The DTC also strives for system evolution, in particular through increased interoperability of existing system components, as well as adding new capabilities or techniques for future code releases.

Assistance provided to the user community

The DTC provides user support for the WRF system (model, pre- and post-processors) in collaboration with NCAR/MMM, as well as for the MET verification package.  The types of support provided are wide-ranging and include:

User Support

Questions regarding the WRF system and its use should be directed to:

Questions regarding MET and its use should be directed to:

Questions regarding GSI and its use should be directed to:

Questions regarding HWRF and its use should be directed to:

How to report a problem?

If you would like to report a problem, you may send an email to the respective helpdesk.  Please remember to include any relevant information, including compilation log files, configurations files, or any error messages you have received.