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Testing and evaluation of forecasts is a critical component of their development. Improvements can be made by evaluating forecast products throughout the development process as deficiencies are discovered. Verification is also beneficial to forecasters and end users because verification findings supply them with objective data about the quality or accuracy of the forecasts, which can feed into decision processes (Brown, 1996).

The DTC verification team supports testing and evaluation activities by providing open source community software and support. The MET software package provides capability to do traditional, spatial, or tropical cyclone verification. For more information and to download the software, please see the MET homepage

Verification Advisory Group

Advisory Group

Mike Baldwin, Purdue University
Chris Davis, NCAR
Geoff DiMego, NOAA/EMC
Beth Ebert, BOM, Australia
Matt Sittel, AFWA
Jason Knievel, NCAR

State of the Art Verification

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


  • Jensen, Tara | ph: 303.497.8479 | email:



  • Brown, Barbara | ph: 303.497.8468 | email:
  • Fowler, Tressa | ph: 303.497.2859 | email:
  • Gilleland, Eric | ph: 303.497.2849 | email:
  • Newman, Kathryn | ph: 303.497.2741 | email:

Software Engineers

  • Bullock, Randy | ph: 303.497.8444 | email:
  • Burek, Tatiana | ph: 303.497.1824 | email:
  • Frimel, Jim | ph: 303.497.7249 | email:
  • Halley Gotway, John | ph: 303.497.2861 | email:
  • Prestopnik, Julie | ph: 303.497.8399 | email:
  • Strong, Bonny | ph: 303.497.3936 | email:

Questions about verification methods and MET: