GSI/EnKF Downloads

GSI/EnKF System

    You may download the following versions of the GSI/EnKF system (including source codes, libraries, compiling system, fixed files, and sample run script) from this site.

    • Community GSI V3.4 and EnKF V1.0: Release on 07/31/2015
    • Community EnKF V1.0 Beta : Release on 01/31/2015
    • Community GSI system V3.3: Release on 06/30/2014
    • Community GSI system V3.2: Release on 07/03/2013
    • Community GSI system V3.1: Release on 07/20/2012
    • Community GSI system V3.0: Release on 04/29/2011
    • Community GSI system V2.5 Patch Release: 11/29/2010
    • Community GSI system V2.0: Released on 04/27/2010
    • Community GSI system V1.0: Released on 09/25/2009

    To begin downloading the GSI/EnKF system or become a registered GSI/EnKF user (first time only), Please enter your e-mail address:

    Referencing the community GSI effort

    Shao, H., J. Derber, X. Huang, M. Hu, K. Newman, D. Stark, M. Lueken, C. Zhou, L. Nance, Y. Kuo, and B. Brown, 2015: Bridging Research to Operations Transitions: Status and Plans of Community GSI. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-13-00245.1, in press.

Testing Data

    DTC provides some case data for testing purposes. Please click here to download the data.

Observation Resources

    The GSI/EnKF requires specific data formats for observations to be assimilated:
  • Conventional observations (including satellite derived data, e.g., satellite wind):
    PrepBUFR format (NCEP featured BUFR format)
  • Satellite radiance data, GPS radio occultation data, Radar observations:
    BUFR format
  • Descriptions about the data formats and links to some data resources are provided here .

External Libraries Needed To Build GSI/EnKF

    The follow libraries are not in GSI/EnKF release package but needed for GSI/EnKF building:

    • Compiled WRF ARW or WRF-NMM Version 3.2 or above
    • netCDF: build with the same compiler with WRF and GSI/EnKF
    • For systems other than the IBM, the LAPACK and BLAS libraries may be needed. Check with your system administrator to see if local versions of these libraries already exist on your system.

Please direct questions regarding GSI to GSI Helpdesk.