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DTC is a distributed facility where the NWP community can test and evaluate new models and techniques for use in research and operations.

Fundamental Purpose of DTC

To serve as a bridge between research and operations to facilitate the activities of both halves of the NWP Community in pursuit of their own objectives:

  • Research community gets a functionally equivalent operational environment to test and evaluate new NWP methods in retrospective extended period tests using advanced tools
  • Operational community benefits from DTC testing and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of new NWP advances prior to consideration for operational implementation

DTC's Goals are to:

  • Link Research and Operational Communities
  • Speed transition of research results into operations
  • Accelerate improvement in weather forecasts
  • Develop and test promising new NWP techniques
  • Provide an opportunity for NWP community to perform cycled or real-time tests of model and data assimilation systems

Basic Structure of the DTC

Primary Contacts

KUO, Bill - National DTC Director | PH: 303.497.8910 | EMAIL: kuo

DTC Staff


BAO, Shaowu - PH: 303.497.3087 or 8945 | EMAIL:
BERNARDET, Ligia - PH: 303.497.4315 | EMAIL:
BISWAS, Mrinal - PH: 303.497.2754 | EMAIL:
BROWN, Barbara - PH: 303.497.8468 | EMAIL:
FOWLER, Tressa - PH: 303.497.2859 | EMAIL:
GILLELAND, Eric - PH: 303.497.2849 | EMAIL:
HARROLD, Michelle - PH: 303.497-.8978 | EMAIL:
HU, Ming - PH: 303.497.3087 or 2864 | EMAIL:
JENSEN, Tara - PH: 303.497.8479 | EMAIL:
JIANG, Hongli - PH: 303-497-4790 | EMAIL:
NANCE, Louisa - PH: 303.497.8921 | EMAIL:
NEWMAN, Kathryn - PH: 303.497.2741 | EMAIL:
PHILLIPS, Cody — PH: 303.497.2878 | EMAIL:
SHAO, Hui - PH: 301-683-3794 | EMAIL:
SMITH, Kate - PH: 301-683-8967 | EMAIL:
THOMPSON, Greg - PH: 303-497-2805 | EMAIL:
TOLLERUD, Ed - PH: 303.497.6127 or 2864 | EMAIL:
TOTH, Zoltan - PH: 303.497.5042 | EMAIL:
WOLFF, Jamie - PH: 303.497.2812 | EMAIL:
XU, Mei - PH: 303-497-8453 | EMAIL:
ZHOU, Chunhua - PH: 303.497.2860 | EMAIL:

Software Engineers

BROWN, Tim - PH: 303.497.5579 | EMAIL:
BULLOCK, Randy - PH: 303.497.8444 | EMAIL:
CARSON, Laurie - PH: 303.497. 8408 | EMAIL:
GOODRICH, Lisa - PH: 303.497.2866 | EMAIL: lisag
HALLEY GOTWAY, John - PH: 303.497.2861 | EMAIL:
McCASLIN, Paula - PH: 303.497.3187 | EMAIL:
MIRVIS, Eugene - PH: 301.763.8000 x 7042 | EMAIL:
PRESTOPNIK, Julie - PH: 303.497.8399 | EMAIL:
SLOVACEK, Tricia - PH: 303.497.2765 | EMAIL:
STARK, Don - PH: 303.497.2472 | EMAIL:
WHARTON, Linda - PH: 303.497.7239 | EMAIL:


MOORE, Rhonda - PH: 303.497.8389 | EMAIL:
ZARLINGO, Marybeth - PH: 303.497.2751 | EMAIL:

DTC Charter

The responsibilities for the operation of the DTC are described in the DTC Charter. The DTC management plan is based on a hierarchical structure of boards and committees whose members represent the interests of the NWP community.

DTC Executive Committee

The DTC EC, which is composed of representatives from both the research and operational units of the modeling community, provides executive oversight for the DTC.

Executive Committee:
Brant Foote, NCAR John Egentowich, Air Force
John Murphy, NOAA/NWS Sandy MacDonald, NOAA/OAR

DTC Management Board

The DTC Management Board assists the DTC Director in preparing the AOP, annual budget, the selection of codes for testing, and proposals for multi-year code testing and evaluation projects.

Management Board:
Barbara Brown, NCAR Bill Kuo, DTC Director
Jeffrey Cetola, AFWA Tom Hamill, NOAA/OAR
Bill Lapenta, NOAA/NWS Steve Rugg, AFWA
Joe Klemp, NCAR Fred Toepfer, NOAA/NWS
Zoltan Toth, NOAA/OAR  

DTC Advisory Board

The DTC Science Advisory Board assists the DTC Director in shaping the strategic direction and objectives for the DTC.

Science Advisory Board:

Harold Brooks, NSSL
Shu-Hua Chen, UC Davis
Shuyi Chen, U. of Miami
Chris Davis, NCAR/NESL
Geoff DiMego, NCEP/EMC
Jenni Evans, Penn State
S. G. Gopalakrishnan, AOML
Joshua Hacker, NCAR
Evan Kuchera, AFWA
Gary Lackmann, NCSU
David Novak, NCEP/HPC
Carolyn Reynolds, NRL
Mark Stoelinga, 3Tier
Robert J. Trapp, Purdue U.
Jeff Whitaker, NOAA/ESRL

Contact Us

  • KUO, Bill — National DTC Director | PH: 303.497.8910 | EMAIL: kuoinsert
  • NANCE, Louisa — National DTC Assistant Director | PH: 303.497.8921 | EMAIL: nanceinsert

Postal Address

P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307-3000

Shipping Address

1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305